Our Story

I’m Jenna, owner of Labelled with Love Co. and a Perth girl with a long-time love of organisation and stationery. I discovered the planner community by chance in late 2015 when a friend recommended a Plan With Me youtube video. This ignited a passion for planning that kicked off with a large mint Kikki K planner and a whole lot of sticker orders!

After playing with layouts and thinking it over, I put my creativity and craftiness to work by starting to make some stickers just for myself. I decided to share the love by opening a small sticker shop in early 2016 as a passion project, hoping to help out other planner girls who shared my ‘no white space’ affinity. To my surprise and delight, Labelled with Love Co did take off, and now my goal is to be a full-time shop owner. Thanks to the support of customers and like-minded planner fans like you, this goal is well within reach!

What sets Labelled with Love Co apart from other sticker shops is our big kits stuffed with over 250 stickers, all of which allow for a ‘No White Space’ spread in Erin Condren Vertical Life Planners (however with a little creativity our kits work in almost any planner!). We also boast excellent quality paper and professional-grade printers, meaning you get the absolute most bang for your buck when you buy a Labelled with Love Co kit. Plus, we make every effort to connect with our customers and take all feedback into consideration.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you and how we can make our shop and selection even better! Thank you as always for your continued support <3